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Surrender Is Not the Same as Giving In

Great bit of writing at the elephant journal, by Erica Hamilton, on an area that offers tremendous confusion for practitioners: By keeping our eyes open in the face of suffering, we also choose to be present to everything that comes up in our minds and bodies when we...

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Quote of the Day

Those who enter the gates of heaven are not beings who have no passions, but those who have cultivated an understanding of them. - William...

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Commuter Zen #35

Now that you've been practicing a while, where does the freedom show up that it didn't before?

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Pictures of the Day

Attachment takes on many forms, obviously. High pressure hoses turned on those in prayer illicits some powerful reactions. But I find myself wondering if the clinging on display in the world, when recorded and shared like this picture, will lose at least some of it's...

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Commuter Zen #34

Could you explain how when we don't like what's going on in life, that this is an example of separation?

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Encore Post – The Ninth Sense

This entry was previously posted in 2008 and is an excerpt from the book, Awake in This Life: a guide for those climbing the Mountain of Spirit. ___ Just as the Eighth Sense is the felt sense of Awareness that is the Source of all things, it is also our...

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10 Pieces of Advice to My 18 year-old Self

Recently I was asked what I might say to myself as a teen, assuming I could travel back in time. The knee-jerk response was "Don't worry about anything, just touch lives." While I like this response, I also must admit that I kept thinking about the question. And...

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2010’s Top Ten Buddhist News Stories

The Rev. Danny Fisher offered up this worthwhile read: If nothing else, 2010 will undoubtedly be remembered as one of the more interesting years in terms of the growing awareness of Buddhism in the Western world.  Among other things, “Buddhism” was a top Google...

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