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Dialogs With My Teacher #72

May 3, 2011 Student: Have you ever forgotten more than you thought you could forget? Michael: Interesting question, but could you get a little more specific? Student: Well, something weird has been occurring in that I thought I knew what mind was, but in turning back...

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Join Us for Our Winter 2013 Day-long Intensive

No Such Thing As A Mistake Saturday, February 9th, 2013 GREEN GULCH  FARM ZEN CENTER This one-day sitting will involve sitting and walking meditation, Dharma talks, Q & A and, by request, private interviews with Michael. Confirmation will be sent to you when...

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The Avoidance and the Fury

As a parent, a citizen and a human being, I weep for the little ones of Newtown, Connecticut. I mourn for their families, their friends and I weep for us, as a people, who keep enduring these senseless incidents. The Newtown tragedy cuts deep for any of us that are...

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Dialogs With My Teacher #71

May 3, 2011  Student: What is jealousy? Michael: It’s a brutal celebration of separation. Student: Nice. Michael: Is that all you wanted to talk about? Student: No. I’m dealing with something pretty brutal and yet, at the same time, interesting... and it ties into...

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Double the Power of Your Generosity

Your Gift Will Be Matched December 2012 Dear Friends, We have exciting news! One of our members has generously offered to match any donation up to five-thousand dollars made between now and December 31st. This means that your power as a donor has just been doubled....

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Breaking Through the Dharma Wall

Ben Hutchison's piece for The Under 35 Project is a great reminder of how our path unfolds when we are no longer caught by the path itself. In practicing Buddhism, in whatever form or lineage you choose, there is going to be loss and disappointment. As Dogen writes in...

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Dialogs With My Teacher #70

Here's another installment in a series of emails that took place between Michael and one of his senior students beginning the Summer of 2009. May you find the exchange interesting and enriching. ___ April 27, 2011  Student: Since our last talk, it’s like everything,...

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A New Bodhisattva Path?

How might a Buddhist most effectively respond to the many pressing (often scary) issues facing humanity today? It's not very bodhisattva-like, for example, to merely cloak oneself in "non-attachment" when an "appropriate response" is to be helpful to all beings. So...

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Getting Back to the Great Matter

Barbara O'Brien offers us an interesting take on how contemporary Buddhism runs the risk of getting watered-down. In Zen monasteries, a flat board is hung near the meditation hall, next to a mallet. This is the "han."  Striking the han with the mallet calls everyone...

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