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An Excerpt from an Interview with Adyashanti

I have a lot of respect for Adyashanti and his approach to teaching. He's genuine, honest, and has the capacity to creatively turn up the heat on his students. Here's an excerpt from an interview that Tami Simon did: I no longer believe the next thought that I have....

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Norman Fischer writes for the NYT’s Happy Days Blog

Last week's posted a nice piece by Norman Fischer: As most people know, a Zen meditation retreat is not a vacation. Despite the silence and the beauty, despite the respite from the busyness, the experience can be grueling. The meditation practice is...

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Five Things Religion-Haters Should Know

Stuart Davis offers us a nice piece of writing that confronts what many might see as fundamental flaws in the Rationalist's arguments against religion. I just finished reading God Is Not Great by Christopher Hitchens. He's given us another powerful work in the vein of...

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Rachel Hiles comments on her twitter reluctance over at Tricycle in a post called  A Buddhist’s Guide to Twitter. As someone slow to embrace the Twitter phenomenon, I’ve approached the site with great caution, and perhaps a touch of suspicion. I often wondered if I...

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Build a Bigger Brain

Bodhipaksa, over at Wildmind has just posted this fascinating article: People who meditate have bigger brains than those who don’t, say researchers at UCLA. Using high-resolution magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to scan the brains of meditators and non-meditators,...

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Dalai Lama’s Successor Dilemma… take a vote.

So very interesting... The People's Daily Online reports: According to an interview with People's Daily Online, professor Shen Weirong, director of the Research Center on Han-Tibetan Buddhism at Renmin University of China, and expert on Tibet, said that the Dalai...

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This issue came up over the weekend as I spoke with someone about their desire to leave their community. Individuals with these false Awakenings fill the spiritual marketplace. They may be charismatic, brilliant, and disarming. Yet as teachers they perhaps haven’t...

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Dog gets too close to child during baking... Originally uploaded by Michael G....

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