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Studying Hard

The BuddhistChannel reports: Loden Jinpa, one of a handful of Buddhist monks and nuns who live on the property, has just begun a PhD in philosophy and spends his days researching at the State Library or reading ancient Tibetan texts. But, unlike most doctoral...

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Our Kosmic ‘hood

Wow. We're as big as Andromeda! How could I ever be worried about whether my socks match? It's worth the wait to expand this...

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The Emotional Aspect of the Sacred

Miriam Greenspan's article, The Dark Side of the Sacred, comes to us from integral praxis. Emotions live in the body. It is not enough simply to talk about them, to be a talking head. We need to focus our attention on emotions where they live. This willingness to be...

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A Cup of the Javanese Please

The Guardian's John Pitcher offers some expat insight on Indonesian religious tolerance: Where a church is used for the initial wedding ceremony Muslim family members sit with Christians or, if they feel uncomfortable, they sit outside near the door and join in that...

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Swimme-ing into the Future

Over at integral praxis, they posted a vid that incorporates nice imagery with the thought-provoking words of Dr. Brian Swimme. Two notes: 1. I know of few individuals with a more interesting view of the comprehensive whole than Brian Swimme. He gets the big picture...

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A Bigger Story

There is a great post by Noah Millman over at The American Scene where he takes on several issues relating to religion, all of which are entertaining. I'm most partial to his description of how religion works: ...most of us who are in any meaningful sense religious...

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Beer for Buddhists

Gerald, over at The Level 8 Buddhist takes on the use of alcohol: As the Buddha taught, alcohol and intoxicants cause heedlessness. The more you drink, the more heedless you become. It’s not that you become heedless after X number of drinks only, any amount will...

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Partial Enlightenment

If it feels like I'm picking on Deepak Chopra a lot, pleas know that this isn't my intention. It's just that he's so prolific that he leaves himself vulnerable to spiritual nit-pickers like me. Over at IntentBlog, Deepak endeavors to define "enlightenment" as: ... the...

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No Room for Superstition

Mary Midgley over at the Guardian suggests that we quit seeing ourselves as God, thereby reversing the trends that accompany this mindset: If we ask, then, what religious change is most urgently needed today, the best answer surely is that we should debunk and explode...

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