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Free of Time

Buddhaspace offers us a great quote from Master Xu Yun in today's post: Step outside of time just once, and all the years you spent in ignorance and suffering recede into vagueness. They’re only something you seem to remember. Your old small self is gone and all his...

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Once again: The Self-Esteem Trap

In a previous post, I wrote of the dangers of "small self esteem". Now Shambala Sun Space's Andrea Miller blogs about her upcoming article: Gen Me as a whole is caught in what she calls the self-esteem trap and it’s the way we’ve been raised that made us so. The March...

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The Right Wants Deepak

I couldn't help it. I just had to keep this story going since I think it is actually quite meaningful. All of us should consider how it is, on a psycho-spiritual level, that we both let information about our world in, and then how we express it. Is there clinging? Is...

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A loving Pope, as long as you’re not gay

Time magazine's, Jeff Israely notes: After acquiring a reputation as an aggressive, doctrine-enforcing Cardinal, Pope Benedict XVI has surprised many with his gentle manner and his writings on Christian love. Not so fast... Benedict's envoy to the United Nations,...

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Zen Mormans?

In today's MormonTimes, we learn of two BYU students who consider themselves Zen Mormons. "They have things to teach us," [Zach] Elison said. "Everything I love about Buddhism I find in my own religion, they just emphasize it differently." [Brandon] Habermeyer and...

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The Trap of This or That

David Marshall writes an intelligent response to one of my recent posts that I thought I'd share. To my assertion that the Source of all agency might be a more accurate, albeit partial, representation of what we often call God, he says: I think this is debatable if...

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Fanning Fundamentalist Flames

The International Herald Tribune offers an interesting piece on the implications of this past week's attacks. The major theme shouldn't surprise any one. The terrorists' barely concealed ties to Pakistan suggest that a key objective of the Mumbai assault was to fan...

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Over at Salon, Steve Paulson writes about biologist Stuart Kauffman's new approach to God in his recent book, "Reinventing the Sacred". [Kauffman] seeks to formulate a new scientific worldview and, in the process, reclaim God for nonbelievers. Kauffman argues that our...

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