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Born Again Buddhists?

Barbara O'Brien, over at takes on an interesting practice that is summarily given a pass by many Western practitioners: Buddhist temple in Thailand is offering instant rebirth, for a fee. People line up every day to climb into big, pink coffins. Monks chant...

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Beyond the Future

In a recent blog post by Andrew Cohen, he rightly asserts a point so often misappropriated in alternative spiritual circles: Consciousness doesn’t exist or work in mysterious ways outside of or away from the innermost depths of our individual and collective selves. In...

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Palin’s Shadow

Deepak Chopra compares Sarah Palin to the shadow of Barak Obama in a recent commentary: Palin’s pluck has been admired, and her forthrightness, but her real appeal goes deeper. She is the reverse of Barack Obama, in essence his shadow, deriding his idealism and...

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Sam Harris and Andrew Sullivan Discuss Faith

While I happened upon this discussion late, I liked it very much. Both men are intelligent, passionate and polite. In their exchange Harris, author of The End of Faith, establishes a definition: I think that faith is, in principle, in conflict with reason (and,...

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On today Deepak Chopra blogs: In any system of organized religion, belief trumps first-hand experience. Such an experience, when it is truly spiritual, brings a sense of universality, far beyond our concepts of race and creed. Interesting echo of the...

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This was a nice surprise. On CBS Sunday Morning, Green Gulch Farm was featured as a way to escape. Of course, if you’re really doing the practice, it’s not about escape, but about facing everything and avoiding nothing. (p.201) Read the article here....

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Interpretations of Awakening

In his blog post, Tom Stine notes: The only “criteria” I have for awakening is seeing, truly seeing, beyond the self, the “I”, the “me” that everyone thinks they are. When that is seen through, completely through, it is as if one has awakened from a dream, a dream of...

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So often it's suggested that fundamentalists are at the root of the majority of the problems facing both this country and the world. I couldn't agree more. Except that those making this suggestion can obviously be guilty of the same unconsciousness they see in others....

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Reaching Across the Church Aisle

Here's an excerpt from an interesting article that Digital Dharma got from Utne Online: To some people, the word “Christians” brings to mind conservative, anti-everything culture warriors. Others think of peace-and-justice activism or the Civil Rights movement. In...

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