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Love Poem No. 1 from The English Kabbalah

By Joe Perez I am not In love. Love is Of Me. Love is Upon Me. Love is Above Me. Love is Below Me. Love brings Me Alive. Love begins With Light. Love descends To Delight. Love begins With a Lie: That Light Precedes The “I.” Of: A preposition Expressing the...

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Dialogs With My Teacher #61

Here's another installment in a series of emails that took place between Michael and one of his senior students beginning the Summer of 2009. May you find the exchange interesting and enriching. ___ February 22, 2011 (#61) Student: Why does “other” show up out of...

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Join us. There are a few spots left…

CULTIVATING FEARLESSNESS OCTOBER 12-14, 2012  MOUNT MADONNA CENTER This weekend retreat will offer an approach to living fearlessly. Each day will involve sitting meditation, walking meditation and dharma talks followed by Q&A, as well as practice interviews with...

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Dialogs With My Teacher #60

February 14, 2011  Student: Under what conditions could death be characterized as a distraction? Michael: Death is merely a return to truth. But our interpretation of death is almost always a distraction to this offering. So I’d say that both avoidance and celebration...

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Wellbeing and Neuroscience

Thought this was interesting. Perhaps obvious, but interesting. Jock Gilchrist, The Review: Meditation has been a central component of religious traditions for millennia. Various methods exist, but it generally consists of quieting the mind to achieve a state of...

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Conservatives and Liberals Have Different Brains, Same Mind

Fine. Interesting. But best not to attach. Maybe the studies are correct and there are brain variences of statistical significance between the two ideologies. But it's all still just mind. ABC News ran this story about a recent meta-analysis of brain research (from...

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Dialogs With My Teacher #59

February 10, 2011 Student: My mother is dying and there’s all sorts of interesting and tragic family stuff going on. It’s amazing and heart-breaking all at once. So my question is: how might any of us deal most constructively with the loss of a loved one? Michael:...

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