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Offering Dharma to Little Ones

I just came across an interesting link from The International Buddhist Society of Pennsylvania called "Dharma for Kids". Interesting because my wife and I, along with several other parents in our sangha, have started to actively ask questions about how we offer the...

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Awareness and Having Sex With Groupies

Stuart Davis courageously (and hilariously) takes on the implications of our sexuality, ahem, co-arising with desire and identity: A little awareness goes a long way... toward ruining everything. I used to bang groupies. It was fun. I became a little more aware, and...

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Norman Fischer’s Zen Primer

Norman Fischer's Nothing Holy: A Zen Primer is worth the read. It's brief, informative, and points its readers toward what is both essential and revealing about the crash of the Zen wave in America. (Bows to Shambhala Sun Space)

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An enlightened White House policy on wine

Those who know me best are familiar with my appreciation of wine. I also appreciate food, too. There's such magic and mystery to both wine and food; an infinite expression of Dharma in the glass and on the plate. Paired perfectly, Nirvana is revealed at the table....

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k.d. lang talks of her practice

There's an interesting interview that k.d. lang offers over at Shambala. k.d. lang’s album, Watershed, reflects the dramatic changes in her life since she became a committed Buddhist. Here she talks for the first time about her Buddhist teacher and practice. (Bows,...

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The Edge of Awareness

In Self Awareness: The Final Frontier by V.S. Ramachandran, we're treated to a neuroscientists take on what he calls "One of the last remaining problems in science is the riddle of consciousness." Especially interesting is his treatment of qualia, and how even if we...

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The Dalai Lama oversimplifies

Uh oh. According to The Times of India the Dalai Lama sees the global recession as a spiritual issue. He says: Lack of spirituality and culture is the main cause behind the rampant corruption in the world. People have become selfish and materialistic, which has led to...

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