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In this talk, Michael offers insights on the necessity of cultivating stillness as a way into the heart of awakening. This is part of his PASSAGE series. via ISmile259 – Stillness | Infinite...

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The Summoned Self

Could it be that the MSM is verging on a discussion involving higher order self-hood? Is fully responding to life starting to creep into our dialog? While this column doesn't necessarily do this, we can still lean into hope. The person leading the Well-Planned Life...

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Day 2: Integral Theory Conference

Listening to Dr. Elke Fein talk about history from an integral perspective. She argues that collective traumatic experience has more of a social, cultural, and political development than we've imagined. This and how a society relates to its past work to determine...

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Integral Theory Conference – 2010

Enjoying a pre-conference conference on the Three Faces of Spirit, being led by Diane "Musho" Hamilton and Dr. Marc Gafni. While the subject matter is interesting and its being skillfully delivered, I'm finding it an interesting practice to take Gafni seriously when...

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Buddha Bad Boy Goes Berserk

Even if these people did "scuttle" his meditation, imprisoning and beating visitors is not the most Buddhist of behaviors. Maybe he's rebranding as Nepal's "Buddha Bad Boy." PATHLAIYA: Ram Bahadur Bamjan, 20, popularly known as Buddha boy, thrashed 17 locals after...

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Nunchuk Pingpong

I can't quite do this as well as Bruce Lee did, back in the day. Give me a few more decades... and some nunchucks. Hat tip: elephant journal

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The Moral Naturalists Observe Moral Animals

I'm always appreciative of empirical explorations of the things I yammer on about from the cushion. I also like that for any of Brooks' perceived failings he's intellectually curious; something refreshing among the punditocracy.  We are, it appears, moral animals. But...

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What’s Right and Wrong With a Mosque at Ground Zero?

The most recent flap over whether or not to put a mosque near NYC's ground zero has struck a chord for many. Although its okay for a strip club to be located nearby, a mosque crosses the line. Robert Wright does a nice job in his essay on the topic for the NYT, and...

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Free Will, or Free Won’t: Choice Is Still Interdependent

As much as I enjoy philosophical discourse, the whole "Free Will" things get's old. This, in my view, is because the arguments as to whether or not we have it tend to miss the most fundamental aspect of the debate: free will is an intedependancy. In other words, there...

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